Investment Deposit

At Dynamic Gulf Finance Bank, the pioneer and innovator inĀ  banking, building your wealth is always a priority. We endeavour to continuously bring you products and services that meet your investment needs. Investment Deposit Account is yet another innovative product designed specially to build your wealth. Our Sharia-compliant investment deposits offer you the option of higher profit rates at tenures which suit your needs. You have the choice of opening your account in AED, US$ or EUR.


  • Attractive profit rates.
  • Profit credited to your account on a quarterly basis.
  • Flexible deposit tenures of 1,3, 6, 9 or 12 months with the advantage of automatic roll-over facility.
  • Available in either AED, US$ or EUR.
  • Minimum deposit of AED 10,000 (USD 3,000 for USD deposits and EUR 3,000 for EUR deposits).
  • Waiver on Current/Savings Accounts maintenance fee, if the account is the principal liquidation account for the investment deposit.
  • Existing Dynamic Gulf Trust Finance Bank customers can open new Investment Deposits. *
  • Investment Deposits can be opened through Al Islami Online Banking
  • Investment deposit accounts can be opened for minors. **